Our Church History

The church had its humble beginnings as the True Faith and Fellowship Ministries. Rev. Jackson and a few disenfranchised members of the Greenfield Baptist Church began to worship as a church family on the 3rd Sunday in February, in 2003 at the Raleigh Road Baptist Church in Oxford. Rev. Jackson realized that it was not practical to continue to worship at Raleigh Road. Through the efforts of a dedicated member, Sis. Mary P. Tilley; the Mount Energy Elementary School on Hwy 56 in Creedmoor was secured as a worship place. The ministry continued at Mount Energy from the 1st Sunday in March 2003 to the 3rd Sunday in May, 2006.

During the transitional period, many great things were accomplished. Some of them are: The Adult Choir was formally organized by Rev. Jackson, when he went off to preach. After a period of time the men, under the guidance of the Late Deacon Milton Jones, Bro. William Rochelle, and Rev. Jackson’s direction, the Male Chorus was formed and began to sing every 2nd Sunday.

The Finance Committee was formed. Its members were: Deacon Milton Jones, Sister Mary P. Tilley, Brother Marshall Allen, and Brother William Allen. The Pastor’s Aide was active with Sister Mary Daniel serving as President. The Missionary Circle was also very active with Sister Nannie Jackson as President. About this time, Rev. Jackson expressed a desire for a youth choir. Sister Mary D. Tilley and Sister Shaun Daniel (now Shaun Walker) heeded the call and soon formed a youth choir. Sister Tilley opened her home to the youth choir for rehearsals.

The congregation eventually began to hold regular prayer services and Bible Study on Wednesday evening. These serves were first held at Brother Johnny Tilley’s workshop. Later, Bible Study services were changed to Sis. Pauletta Roberts and remained there for several months until we purchased a worshipping place of our own.

The Willing Workers Ministry was organized by Reverend Jackson in 2005. Sis. Zula Terry was the first President and continues to serve in that capacity. Some of the original members were: Sisters Annie Allen, Cassandra Harris, Michelle Harris, Mary Alice Harris, Barbara Kelly, the late Louise Curtis, and several others.

The first musician was brought to us by the Late Bro. J.D. Curtis, Bro. J.C. Pride, who played for several months and later resigned du to ill health. This particular choir was directed by Sis. Emma Crew. Our next musician was Bro. Derrick Pettiford, who initially played for the Youth Choir only; but later for a time, he extended his services to the other choirs. Due to his commitments and work, he only played for the Youth and Adult Choir. The Late Deacon Jones and Brother William Rochelle played the guitar and Brother A.J. Cearnel also assisted on the drums. Sister Hattie Anthony began to play for the Male Chorus and the Young Adult Choir in 2008.

In March 2006 we purchased our very first church van. We were fortunate enough to purchase another van in 2012.

Pine Grove Baptist Church volunteered its baptismal pool for our use to allow us to Baptist new members. We then began to look for a worship place of our own. Rev. Jackson then led the congregation out from under the banner of the True Faith and Fellowship Ministries, Inc. We formally became chartered as a church to be known as Truth Faith Fellowship Baptist Church. On March 28, 2004, 70 people signed up to become charter members. A search of the records revealed that an additional 12 people were added to the charter list, bringing that total to 82.

In March 2005, we received tentative approval for the loan to purchase our current location. Finally, in early 2006 we were able to close on the property and the present location was ours. The bank required several signatures to secure the loan. Those who signed were Rev. Richard E. Jackson, Deacon Milton L. Jones, Mary D. Tilley and William Rochelle.

We had several types of drives to furnished the church. As time progressed toward entrance day, Deacon Jones and Brother Marshall Allen led a continuous remodeling effort. In addition, Marshall Allen spent a considerable amount of time supervising the two carpenters that were hired to facilitate the remodeling efforts. Those two gentlemen were Dan Repasky and Bruce Cole.

After many months of prayer and hard work, the third Sunday in May arrived and Reverend Jackson and the congregation formed a motorcade and left Mount Energy for the last time and entered the sanctuary of the True Faith Fellowship Baptist Church for the first time to worship God in Spirit and in truth, singing “We Have Come This Far by Faith” and “I Will Trust in the Lord.”

Sadly, two years later in May of 2008, the Lord called the only Deacon, Deacon Jones home after a courageous battle with cancer. Certainly his life of Service to God, Church and Country is worthy of emulation.

Brother Edward Cozart donated the material for the church steeple as well as the Church’s brick sign. The pulpit and Communion Table, along with several hymn books were donated by White Rock Baptist Church in Durham. The speaker’s podium had been previously donated by Rev. Dr. James Daniel, Greater Joy Baptist Church in Durham. An additional pulpit was donated by a church in Butner along with an organ. A piano was donated by Sister May Lou Satterwhite. An additional organ was donated by Mr. and Mrs. William Pitts.

Sister Carol Allen, Brother Marshall Allen, Sister Mary P. Tilley and Sister Rebecca Hart did a lot of work behind the scenes preparing the Church for occupancy, including donating several pieces of furnishings for the Church. Sister Mary Lou Satterwhite donated flowers for the pulpit area. Our present groundskeeper is Brother Edward Cozart. Before him, Brother Marshall and William Allen shared those duties. Brother Carter Bing has served as our Videographer and Sound Technician from 2005 to present. Brother Brian Tilley began helping his mother record our services until Carter Bing came on Board. Sister Rebecca Hart donated the two entry doors for the sanctuary, chairs in the vestibule and seating in the pulpit area. She has also donated flowers for the pulpit area. Brother Waymon Crews, Jr. served as custodian until his health declined. Brother Austin then assumed the duties. Next, the custodial duties were assumed by Marshall and Carol Allen. All of these individuals serve without pay.

Rev. Jackson saw the need for additional Deacons and Trustees. In 2008 he presented Brothers William A. Rochelle, William V. Allen, Victor Stephens and Arthur Austin as candidates for the Deacon Ministry. The church accepted his recommendations and after more than a year of training, they were ordained on May 23, 2009. Rev. Jackson also presented Brothers Marshall Allen and Carter Bing for the Trustee Ministry. They were also accepted by the congregation in 2008.

Later, upon recommendation by Rev. Jackson, Brothers Ronald Pender and James Anthony were added to the Trustee Ministry in 2010.

2010 also brought ministerial assistance for Rev. Jackson. Deacon Victor Stephens acknowledged his call to the gospel ministry and preached his initial sermon on the 4th Sunday of June and was duly licensed. Sister Shaun Daniel Walker also acknowledged her call to the gospel ministry and preached her initial sermon on the 1st Sunday in August and was duly licensed.

Sarah C. Jones was the first clerk and remained so until she deployed to Iraq. During her absence, Belinda Rochelle served as clerk. Upon her return, Sister Rochelle stepped aside and Sister Jones returned to the position. The current Church Clerk Sister Carol Allen. The first Treasurer and Financial Secretary was Sister Mary D. Tilley. The demands of both positions were many and soon Rev. Jackson decided the positions should be split and the church approved Samantha Stephens as Treasurer and Mary D. Tilley remained Financial Secretary. At some point it was decided that Victor Stephens would become Treasurer. Deacon Stephens entered the ministry and Sister Stephens again became Treasurer.

In May 2006, the Sunday School was organized with Deacon Milton Jones as Superintendent and Pauletta Roberts as Assistant Superintendent. Later James Anthony became Superintendent with Arthur Austin serving as Assistant Superintendent. Later, Dec. Arthur Austin became the Superintendent and Rev. Terri Owens became Assistant Superintendent.

The Young Adult Choir was formed by Rev. Jackson in 2006, with Michelle Harris serving as the first President. The choir was assigned the third Sunday morning to sing and continues to do so. The second and current President is Jamie Cross.

The Deaconess Ministry was organized by Rev. Jackson in 2004 with Sister Mildred Jackson being the nominal leader. They were: Mildred Jackson, Sarah Jones, Betty Bailey, Mary Cheatham, Carol Allen, Mary P. Tilley, Rebecca Hart, Nannie Mae Jackson, Mary Daniel, Dora Bailey, Belinda Rochelle, Samantha Stephens, Hallie Bailey, Mary Lou Satterwhite, Lucille Bailey and Ellen Judd. They were duly consecrated and set apart to attend the Communion Table.

The Pastor’s Aide Ministry began with Mary Daniel serving as the President. She remains President with the assistance from Samantha Stephens.

The Missionary Ministry also existed from the beginning with Nannie Mae Jackson as President. She remains President with assistance from Belinda Rochelle.

We were blessed in 2012 to acquire an additional 1.47 acres adjacent to our present location. Also in 2012, a gift of 14.6 of land, located approximately one mile west of the Franklin County line.

As time progressed, we were blessed with a third Minister, Minister Terri Owens joined our fellowship. Additional leadership roles:
Brother Anthony Cozart became a trustee.

Shelia Bailey became a trustee.

Ronald Pender became a trustee.

Victor Stephens,

Terri Owen,
Shaun Walker
were ordained in July of 2014.

After the departure of our founder Rev. Richard E. Jackson in 2014 of January, to continue the spiritual journey that the founder envisioned for the church, Board of Directors was formed which consisted of:
Marshall Allen

Shelia Bailey

Carter Bing

Mary D. Tilley

Victor Stephens

Samantha Stephens

Shaun M. Walker

We continue to do the Lords work and we are thankful and grateful for all of the wonderful things that God has done!

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